First Hack-a-thon Win

Breezy — Put your life at ease

It gives me immense pleasure to tell that our team ERRORfour0four has won the Best of HackOn prize at HackOn 2.0. Our team could control our excitement as it was our first even hack-a-thon win🤩.

Our Idea : Breezy is a one-stop solution for all your mental health queries. Just log in and take our quiz. It not only tells you if you’re suffering from a disease but also recommends tasks based on severity of your condition. Our algorithm makes the quiz unique for every user. This works on the basis of users previous logged answer. The first five questions are common for every user and based on user’s answer to these, other questions are asked from the user to precisely detect the mental illness. This helps to understand all the symptoms of the user and delivers better outputs.

Inspiration: With the recent advent of the pandemic and the lockdown it has brought, people have turned a blind eye towards their mental health. Living in isolation and having minimal to no contact with their loved ones certainly takes a toll on one’s health.

So, in order to keep our mental health in check, we turn towards certain mental health apps. While they perform pretty accurately to provide a prognosis based on user’s symptoms, users still have to select which diseases’ questionnaire they want to attempt. This would be problematic for a newbie as all the symptoms and all these questionnaires tend to get confusing.

Our work

No, the above GIF doesn’t show how we worked because we worked harder than that🥲.
We started planning for the hack a week before it started. Once we fixed our idea, we started researching on different research papers, searching and brainstorming for more ideas that can be implemented for our application. Once the hack started we did not dive into the coding part but gave some time for the UI design and fetching all the elements of the application. After this the real play started. All of us were sitting on discord calls which were endless and only ended after the closing ceremony😅.

What we offered in our application:

  • Take up the quiz after logging in to get your prognosis done.
  • Track your day-to-day progress graphically.
  • Take the quiz again whenever you want.
  • Get daily task recommendations based on your prognosis. Complete them and gain credits.
  • Have symptom-related queries? BreezyBot got you covered.

Our Experience

This was not the first time we have participated in a hackathon, but for us every hack was as exciting as the first one. We have always learnt something or the other from each hack. At one point of time when we won no hacks, we just made up our mind that we would be attending a hack only to improve our skills and learn new ones too! Maybe this is the correct mindset to attend a hack and not go only for the winning prize.

About the Hack:

HackOn 2.0 was a 48-hour fun-filled and far-reaching digital hack-a-thon with over 8000 participants and 350+ submissions. It was 2-day event which was scheduled on 28th to 30th of May 2021. It had 4 various tracks namely Diversity and Inclusion, Mental Health and Awareness, COVID-19 Impact and Open Innovation. They also conducted several workshops on both technical and non-technical domains. They had numerous sponsors and a massive prize pool where the first prize was ₹25000, second ₹15000, third ₹10000 and ₹5000 for Best of HackOn prize. They had other various HackOn prizes and sponsor prizes. They had a special prize for Women and LGBTQIA+ teams.

We are very grateful to the HackOn team along with all the sponsors and MLH for organizing and conducting such an amazing event. We had an awesome experience and we look forward eagerly to participate in future events organised by HackOn team.

Submission link : Breezy — Put your mind at ease.
Github Repo :
Video Demo :

Team ERRORfour0four
Shruti Gupta, Parichay Singh, Sai Sukesh